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Lace, tulle, cut-outs and sheer fabric. These and the skin tight silhouettes of Berta bridal make for stunning wedding gowns with unparalleled sex appeal.
Gone are the days of big poofy ball gowns where every square inch of the body was festooned with satin and bows, with not a trace of flesh in sight! Now we have threadbare designs that herald applause at runway fashion shows.
If you're looking for stunning, sexy, beautiful (and unique) dresses for your wedding, then I urge you to do your research. Start with Berta. The gowns are exquisite, sexy without being slutty and evoke a sweet intimacy.
If you had to decide between these two Berta creations, which would you choose? The skirts follow the same A-line silhouette, but the tops are so different. The one to the right features a sheer plunging bustier and the one on the left has support straps over the shoulder, yet is also a plunging sheer bodice. Hard to choose which one is better or lovelier.
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