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There's nothing like a man crying genuine tears.

It's not every day that you will see a man shed a few tears, but when you do, you know that it must be serious. The stereotype that men don't have emotions is so yesterday. They might not always show their emotions, but as human beings we all have emotions. It's just more acceptable for women to burst out crying over The Titanic than it is for a man.
Tears are a way of saying, I care and I have feelings. Hence why us women tend to find it extremely beautiful when a man cries. Even 2Pac rapped about thugs crying, so it's perfectly normal. Right? Well, according to these 17 men listed below, men cry and they've broadcasted exactly what makes them shed a few.
1. "The ultimate trigger for making me cry is losing someone. Recently, I cried when my girlfriend of four years and I broke up and when my dog of 15 years passed away, both instances revealed a sense of not want wanting alteration in life." —Adam, 24
2. "Trick question. Men never cry. But if we did, it would be during underdog-related sports films, like Rudy. But again, complete hypothetical." —Brandon, 27
3. "Well, I haven't cried in about 10 years. Last time I cried was when my dog died. Since then, I haven't lost any pets or family members which would definitely make me cry. In recent years, I've been close…mainly when a dog dies in a movie." —Greg, 24
4. "Those sad ESPN documentaries about inspirational sports stories and overcoming tragedy always get me." —Michael, 27
5. "For me, crying tends to be reserved for pain. Two years ago, I tore a ligament in my knee and I definitely cried. However, physical pain isn't the only type. I'm talking about the heartbreaking pain after a loss. I've cried after I lost a friend in a car accident. I've had my heart broken by girls before, but I have yet to shed a tear over one." —Joaquin, 24
6. "The only time I cried recently was when I had my concussion and couldn't do any work and became extremely stressed about it because my grades got bad. I cried at my grandma's funeral. That was rough." —Jack, 21
7. "Besides a family member passing, I have only broke down when not living up to standards. I know my expectations from others and my own, but when it comes to a halt or bump it helps to catch a breath before continuing and spinning out." —Kyle, 22
8. ​"I'm the type of person who masks their sadness by just being super positive and energetic with others all the time, so when I do cry it's usually due to a bunch of repressed emotions (but who doesn't love a good wine-fueled cry?). Particularly, I'm super extroverted, so when I don't feel like I'm getting enough interaction with others, I get into a rut and will usually just end up crying & going to sleep." —Christian, 22
9. "Nothing makes me sob more than the end of the movies Homeward Bound and Field of Dreams. I have cried a couple times when a favorite team won something big, but not often. Yes, I will admit with no shame the end of a relationship for good or bad will bring me to tears of varying levels." —Tim, 31
10. "Well the last time I cried was when my foster brothers were no longer going to be with my family because they were being adopted by another family ... So big time separation from family." —Brian, 24
11. "I don't cry often, but I would say that the main reason I do is when I'm losing someone that I love, which doesn't always means death. Another reason why I cry would be if I'm in an extremely stressful situation, which can be either related to school, work or relationships with other people." —Federico, 24
12. "Honestly, things that make me cry the most are probably either my parents splitting up or remembering my friend who committed suicide from depression in high school." —Eric, 20
13. "Stuff that really gets me is always family related. I'm really close with my family, but I really don't get to see them as often as I'd like. I miss them a lot. I'm also a huge television and film buff so that's when it usually happens. So an episode or movie with a sentimental family moment and I'm done. Tears. I just like to think it's a reminder of how much they all mean to me."​ —Gerard, 26
14. "Honestly I don't usually cry unless I'm really unexpectedly moved. I have to be blindsided by the emotion. ​I didn't cry at my grandfather's funeral, but I cried later when I found a letter he had written me when I wasn't looking for it." —Frank, 28
15. ​"There are two things that make me cry. Seeing one of my parents cry, specifically my dad. And any of those videos of military people coming home and their dogs jump all over them. My eyes always get a little damp watching those." —Ross, 27
16. ​"Soldiers coming home from war videos, especially when they surprise their younger sibling at school or mom or dad at work​. Also, ​LSU college world series highlights​." —Eric, 29
17. ​"The thing that makes me cry is that I think my mom is dying and I'm not handling it appropriately.​" —Mike, 26

Fellas, what makes you shed a tear or two?

Don't be shy. It's okay to cry. It shows that you have feelings.
Good to know men are not robots.
Choppers origin story.... Gets me every time.
@quietone it's super amazing to know that men have feelings and aren't afraid to share it. I think not wanting people to see you cry has to do with a man's pride and I totally get that.
@KingGummy Omg poor Chopper! Yes, I'll admit I shed some tears during that episode.
i saw trainwreck not to long ago and i know it's a comedy but theirs this sad scene...i just had to hold back my was getting to me bad
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