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as we all know, Halloween is approaching and it's that time again for horror anime. another who posted @hikaymm said to watch Elfen Lied. no argument there but here's my anime horror you should watch. be aware of disturbing images as this is horror anime we are talking about. oh and I was really split on this one. there were some anime that I wanted to use but they didn't focus on horror enough to pass on this.
Blood-c (or Blood Clamp) let me guess, you expected corpse party? nope I believe this tops it. this is an anime about Saya, the last shrine maiden at her temple and she needs to kill very viscous and deadly monsters that eat humans. and being the last maiden makes it that she has to do it alone.
it's got a ton of blood, a variety of monsters and grueling deaths that made me worry about myself. I don't frighten easily but this anime had me shiver. if that isn't good enough, I can't say what is. but even if you can't find anything scary in any anime, I still say you watch it because even the non horror parts are good.
its show as a whole I'd put as a 9/10 without the movie but the movie itself is kinda a fail around a 6/10. but total its a 8/10 because I didn't hate the movie.
all in all it's a good series for Halloween anime. I really recommend it even if it wasn't Halloween. and just so you know the anime I couldn't decide along with it was hell girl.
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and one thing I forgot... Scariest bunnies ever.