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Marsala Lips This Fall
Take a look at these deep and luscious lips for Fall! Don't forget, this is the year of Marsala, which means you've got just a few months to pull this off and be on-trend. Honestly, however, this look is so chic, there's no way this would go out of style. It's fall and the berry lip colors are raging!
Modeling Gerard Cosmetics' Seduction lip gloss is YouTube sensation and makeup artist, Makeup_Amor. While her native language isn't English, her makeup techniques are so well received that you could easily broaden your language skills too by watching.
Keep in mind that her lips are layered.
Get the look:
Begin with a deeply pigmented berry colored lipstick.
Next, you want to apply a dark lip gloss, like what you see here, which was Seduction.
Depending on how intense you want your lips, you can apply more or less gloss. If glossy sheen is not your thing, there are satin glosses on the market that reflect just enough light and keep your lips moisturized without the cakey matte look.
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