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Watch Mr. Belding Crash A Live News Report And Continue To Live His Best Life
Mr. Belding is the man. Outside of Mr. Feeney on Boy Meets World, he's the most famous principal on television in the past 25 years.
While he isn't Zack or Kelly, Saved By The Bell wouldn't have been the same without him. Word on the street is he lives to remind people of it too, but can you blame the guy? Hey if I delivered the world countless feel good moments for decades I would live in the moment here and there too.
Yesterday the world got a glimpse of Belding again, this time on live television.
New York PIX 11 news hit the streets to link with fans on the street when Mr.Belding came strolling down the street.

Rather than deny the show a quote, Belding jumped in the deep end and shared his love for the Mets.

Gotta love good ol' Belding. Full of joy and clever quotes early in the AM.
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