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this needs to be made into an actual kingdom hearts game but I would really like to see it made into a movie instead
you do understand your asking disney to make alot of friends
I just want to say thank you to everyone, I just posted this on a spur of the moment thing trying to figure out how to make a card, but it's awesome that everyone feels the same way about adding link and Mario in kh. I am surprised though at how I actually added in the ssjg broly to add in the extra flair, this was a project I was working on as a fan fiction game but have hit a few snags along the way, an sadly it is on hold, the reason for adding in broly was t to through in, I also think that animes like dbz, naruto, one piece, Sao, and so on, and make it an mmo so I thoughtI'd see what everyone thought. I'm actually on hold for my project and have decided to publish it here to hopefully get the maker of khs attention with it. I am also happy that other people have done their own such as these pic whoever you are your epic in my book get a force hifive!
Link would be the strongest since he has the Master Key
lmao thank I just woke up and needed that. I didn't even think about that but at least I can keep wishing ^-^