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I was tagged by @maighdlinS and it's my first time being tagged to do a challenge as well. How fun! Many spoilers ahead guys! > You can and are encouraged use images, gifs and videos in your card! :) > You have till Sunday to do the challenge. > Make sure to have {MM} in front of your card title. > Tag me so I don't miss your card! :) > Tag 3 other people who you want to see do this challenge!
This is some big feels. Granted, I didn't cry, but if this doesn't tear jerk ya, then what will? And it's not only the death that gets you, it's the 'What coulda been/happened" moment he has before dying. You know, I'll just show the video for those who have not seen it. Nuriko's death! Spoilers!
This vid skips a part of the Anime I wanted yall to see, however, its still the death scene. You probably wont feel the feels unless you watched the Anime to that point. Nuriko's important. T.T This was made by @Poojas Im tagging @Ash2424701 and @Rosepark I dunno anyone much. Dx
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The damn feels that moment up me through.....(TT ~ TT)