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Alright this is the first time I've made a clip on here. With that being said I have an awesome idea for an manga. I have had this idea for seven years and thought up most of the plots and plot twists and even started making the chapters. I do have a downfall I can't draw and I am completely terrible at dialogue and could use some help on those two areas. So basically my manga idea is its post apocalyptic and the pope runs the world but he basically has brainwashed the world and taken away their free will. These seven teens free themselves from the popes brainwashing through various acts that are either tragic or violent and they realize that life needs to have free will. They decide to bring evil back into the world and returning free will back to mankind. There isnt going to be magic or chakra but when they snap out of the brainwashing they understand their unique element and can manipulate it to achieve their goal. For example one of the teens understands fire and can manipulate it beyond what normal people could. Another teen has music with it she can control emotions of people and animals. Another teen is herbs and plants his sister is martial arts. The youngest one understands animals. The main character has the power to manipulate people he understands people he is the mastermind. The final character understands chaos and can use it to manipulate his will. Please say your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. If you are interested in being the coauthor or the artist please message me.
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@VinMcCarthy that is exactly my plan at least in the beginning later story stuff happens and it gets interesting to say the least
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@JosephComeau Okay i see where you are coming from. It the necesaary evil. okay that could work
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I like the direction it seems to head in. but what would be the antagonist? how would they face the challenges if the pope has everyone brainwashed? will they have to face the fact that some innocent may die? it's all interesting to say the least. I would like to hear a rough draft of the first chapter
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@Ash2424701 The first antagonist is the pope and his "corporation" for lack of a better term and yea the first rebellious village they find after leaving their city (about fifteen chapters into the story) because of them and the pope's lackeys following them the entire village dies which solidifys their resolve that they must change the world. Also the pope's lackeys know what he is doing, it is the major populace that he has brainwashed and also this isn't a sudden brainwashing this is almost a thousand years after the nuclear war so it was a gradual change over the populace over a very long period of time. This isn't the first time a group of individuals stood against the organization which means he has safe measures to prevent it such as every orphanage has his lackeys controlling them, principals also his lackeys. His predecessors found out quickly that all rebellions were started by teens/ children because their open mindedness once they grow up they either dead brainwashed or working for him
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Sorry for my grammar Im terrible when it comes to proof reading
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