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Sad that in 2015 we are still dealing with race issues so heavily in the United States, but here we are.
Earlier this week, the Milwaukee Bucks John Henson strolled by a jewelry store in Wisconsin when he saw a nice watch in the window. Henson, who is black, alleged the discrimination occurred when the jeweler turned him away from entering the store.
Things didn't stop there as matters got worse as the incident transgressed.
Henson said two Whitefish Bay police officers then approached and asked him what he was doing, why he wanted to go into the store and how he came to be in possession of the vehicle he was driving.
"They [Schwanke-Kasten] locked the door and told me to go away," Henson said in the Instagram post. "After I rang the doorbell twice, everyone went to the back. No [one] answered the door or told me what was going on."
The store owner, Thomas Dixon, told Whitefish Bay Now the employees denied Henson entry in response to an alert they received from the Whitefish Bay police and the incident was a misunderstanding over Henson's vehicle.
I don't know what to believe hear, but I do know from the information given this incident wasn't handled properly. I think an apology should be given to Henson for this one.
@mchlyang what's there to say? It's something that still happens. From fancy jewelry stores to crap holes like WalMart. They either keep you out, or let you in and follow you everywhere.
I want to say he deserves an apology, but I haven't heard all sides or details of the incident. Like @mchlyang said, what was the alert about? Seems like an important piece of info missing...
it's def racially motivated why would the young man jus say it was racial if there wasn't any racial tension why go out of your way and say that stuff it's a waste of time and energy. and there response further shows that the jewelry store is insensitive no apology or anything after said "miscommunication" that's bs
What was the alert about? I feel like that's an important piece of information in the story...
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