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@PassTheSuga this is EXY, she is a trainee under Starship, she just joined Unpretty Rapstar 2!!! Anyway I thought you should hear her and tell me what you think, personally I cannot wait for her debut, I just hope if she's in a group they don't shove her in a sexy/cute concept group, because I think her talents would be kind of wasted there...anyway what are your thoughts? Cause I absolutely loved it ^-^ Credit to the owner of the video! I DO NOT own this video!!!
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Lol crucial star...kittyb mention him in a diss on that show...unpretty rapstars.
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Yass!! 🎶 Please not in a cute group starship!! She needs to be in something more like a 2ne1 type of group!!
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Oh I like this a lot! Totally a fan of EXY~~ <3
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@PassTheSuga I know!!! It's totally awesome ^-^
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This was dope! I love it!
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