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Anime Quotes Challenge!
So, i saw this challenge posted by @littlemaryk and decided, what better way to start my first post ever by responding to the challenge? :D (please bear with me as I figure this app out TwT) Here's the original post: ♡Anime Quote(s) Challange!☆
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Haha noooo way! Vingle is fun and exciting especially in the anime community (biased but whateves). I stay excited ^.^ @ItalyKira
2 years ago·Reply
I discovered it like an hour ago (maybe a little longer) so I'm still getting the hang of it, but thank you :3 @littlemaryk
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Wow, well then welcome to the vingle family!
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Who wants to hear a Attack on Titan quote. I do." I don't like the terms ' good person' or ' bad person', because it's impossible to be entirely good or bad to someone. To some you are a good person while to others you are a bad person."- Arimn Arlert.
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"If you truly want to escape from everyday life, you've no other choice but to keep evolving" -Izaya Orihara, Durarara
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