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I rarely get bored - When i do I just paint my fave or practice cosplay makeup. I just recently bought my first face paint pallet (best decision if my life) so I'm not that great yet... but here are some of my attempt at face painting
My first attempt ever with my face paint was Darth maul! this was actually super fun and I also scared the crap out of my mom so that was also a plus XD
This was just a simple costest for Lethe from fire emblem. This cosplay was the main reason I got the paint... I still need to work on getting the lines more even... I feel like the more simple the design, the more obvious the mistakes are. so even though it doesn't look too challenging... I feel like getting the lines perfectly even was more of a challenge than Darth maul
I actually hate annie (from attack on titan) but she looks cool and my parents left me home alone, so what else was i supposed to do
And finnalllyyy.. my most recent one! I kinda just started doing random things and I somehow turned into the crow oops haha But yeah.. those are my beginner face paint things! Hopefully I'll improve a lot in the future! Also I am kind of obbsessed with doing this now... so if any one has suggestions of cool paint to cosplay as, I'm always looking for more ideas!
thanks ^-^
Love the Annie one it looks awesome
I'm late lol but I love facepainting! 馃榾 I started doing it in Oct of last year and now it's kind of a secret obsession lol.
I'll have to agree with @tayhar18920
Np 馃槅馃憤