[Pass-back Story] Elsa Joins the X Men
"Woah, slim! Cool the beams! Don't wanna melt the wrong bits!" Scott paused in his work to glower at Logan. "Will you just go chase the mailman or kids on bikes or something? I need to focus!" "You're mistaking me for a dog, walking heat lamp. I am The Wolverine!" Logan growled. A single adamantium blade slid out from the middle of the back of his hand. "Whatever," Scott shot. "Just shut up! Unless you want to explain a human meat puddle to the professor...?" Logan reluctantly retracted and stepped back, the snow crunching under his feet. Cyclops resumed thawing the permafrost with his optic beam, slowly revealing a young Scandinavian woman. Once he had her fully revealed, Storm stepped in to complete the defrost process with a combination of solar and chemical energy. Carefully, she monitored the mystery woman's cellular structure, to ensure damage was not done. ........
Rules: Read what has been written so far. Write a paragraph or two to fill in the next sequence in the story. You can take the story wherever you like, but keep in mind where the story has been and the title of the story so that everyone can still follow along. (It gets far too confusing if someone goes off on an unrelated tangent.) Everyone is invited to jump in, even if you're not tagged below! Have fun! @ButterflyBlu @DanRodriguez @LAVONYORK @alywoah @shannonl5
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"2013? Where is that?" Elsa inquired still very confused. Her head was reeling as she thought of the fact that she'd be missing her sister's wedding day. "How did I get here?" Elsa begins to feel a surge of heat before fading back into the blackness she felt she had only just escaped from.
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Anna was building a castle in the snow. She smiled up at Elsa as she approached. "Do you smell that?" Anna beamed, standing up and clasping Elsa's hand tightly. Elsa recoiled, though, for her sister's hands were not the velvety warmth that she was secretly jealous of; instead, they felt like a strange, loose, cooled animal skin. She jolted awake at the peculiar sensation. Two women and the professor fellow flanked her bedside. One of the women, a red-haired woman with odd eyeglasses perched on her nose and ears. (How clever! Elsa thought) She spoke quickly in a language that was almost familiar, but with long foreign bits thrown in, so that she was unable to comprehend what was said. "I see," Xavier replied. His forehead was furrowed, and he stroked his chin with his finger and thumb. She knew what that meant--something was wrong.
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"Her skeletal structure seems to have been compromised in the defrosting process, Professor. It also seems like her brain might have suffered quite a bit ass well." The red headed woman spoke aloud.
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"Defrosting....I was...frozen?" Elsa's thoughts were slow and tangled as she struggled to absorb the information. He laid a hand on her arm as she started to lift herself up. "Yes, it's imperative that you remain lying down for the time being..." He laid a hand on her arm as she started to lift herself up. "We will begin the first round of operations tomorrow morning. Don't worry, our medical staff is the best in...well, the known "realm". Rest for now."
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Elsa shivered, though she didn't feel cold at all. She barely understood what was being said to her... no. She waited until it was quiet, and then resolved herself. She wasn't going to wait here to find out what they were planning for her.
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