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According to allkpop an insider revealed on the episode on October 20th the cas twill be inviting 100 guest in 10 hours using their own contacts. The guest that are said to have showed up include Kim Sook, Paek Nae Rae, Yang Sang Guk, Lee Sang Ho - Lee Sang Min, Kim Kwang Kyu, Kim Min Gyo, Lim Hyung Joon, Hyun Joo Yup, Lee Ha Neul, Park Joon Hyung, Seulong, After School's UEE, G-Friend, Seventeen, N.Flying, and GOT7.
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@SusiBosshammer running man will literally rip your body apart because of how hard you'll be laughing!!!!
@SkullBunneh i want to watch it soon and i hope jb gets better
@Kamiamon hahaha!! Yes it will!! <3
@SkullBunneh who is JB???
@Kamiamon JB is the leader from Got7