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Oh the feels this movie brings. This is a great popcorn flick to enjoy with the kids. Jack Black did such an amazing job! I saw myself falling in love with Odeya Rush's character. She's definitely one to look out for in future films.
For a fun family movie, it still delivers a sense of fear that we all grew up with. Whether if you watched the TV show, read the books, or both, it brings a sense of nostalgia to older generations and captivates new generations.
Bravo for The Goosebumps Movie. Box Office Mojo states that Goosebumps got 24 million domestically, which dominated Crimson Peak and Bridge of Spies.
@SparkRIDE oof, yeah. We sort of let it happen because I guess it's more dangerous when you're older and you get it? Maybe they were just hoping for herd immunity haha. I don't remember it that well because I was so young but it wasn't too bad
Ouch! That can't be good. lol but you're probably right. I was able to avoid the chicken pox but my sister got them. I remember when a third of our school got them. probably all that Goosebumps reading. lol
Oh yes! Me too. Never did collect them, but always asked my dad to take me to the library so I can read them.
:D I loved these books as a kid!!!
@SparkRIDE same here. I only had a few myself (usually the choose your own adventure style ones) and the rest of them were from the library. The kids in my town probably shared the chicken pox through those books haha