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It's finally here you guys Code Kunst feat Dok2 Gonzo and Oh Hyuk How do you like the song? I know I loved it especially Oh Hyuk's raw and raspy voice with the combination of Dok2 smooth rap flow that matched the tempo of the song perfectly. Who knew Dok2 oppa fit this style of music so well? @PassTheSuga @poojas @DasiaB @thePinkPrincess @otakukpopgirl @Kuramariin @Kamiamon @strangekitty18 @SarahHawkins @whoisgemini @Kelleytina @panouvang123 @Roxy1903 @BlueBear07 @B1A4BTS5ever @aabxo @kpopandkimchi
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OHHHHH MYYYYYY GOD THIS WAS SO GOOD! It was frickin chill and sexy AF. I'm obsessed.