Hello OSTuesday friends!
I am really excited for the OST and drama I am putting this week, and I honestly had such a hard time picking which specific song I wanted to feature.
I guess I'll just have to come back around to this drama eventually and do another song!
So the song I ultimately chose has two versions presented on the many soundtracks released, so I will share both of those because they both are quite good and different because one is sung by a male and the other by a female.
Okay, you guys ready for some delightful listening and drama feels?!

Our OST this week is:

*the first video contains no spoilers, but the second one is literally an ending scene of the drama, and spoilerly so watch with caution*
*these videos are not mine, and also the photos used below*
From the 2009 musical drama You're Beautiful (미남이시네요) comes my double song picks for this week: What Should I Do, sung by Park Da Ye on the original OST release, and also sung by Jang Geun Suk on his special cd release and in the drama by his character.
I couldn't find much on Park Da Ye, but I'm assuming she is a singer.
Jang Geun Suk is a popular Korean actor who stared in You're Beautiful.
You're Beautiful is a 2009 SBS Hong sisters' musical comedy romance drama centered on the fictional idol group A.N.JELL and the incredible turn of events that lead our heroine Go Mi Nyu into cross dressing as her twin brother Go Mi Nam and becoming the new member of the idol band. While she tries to keep her secret hidden to protect herself and her brother, many tricky situations arise with Tae Kyung, Jeremy, and Shin Woo, her three new band mates. Romance, music, and drama ensue.
The heroine Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu is played by Park Shin Hye, while Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Hong Ki round out the rest of the band mates and leading men. Also a notable cast member and role in the drama, Uee plays second lead female He Yi.
I love this drama you guys. It is so fluffy and pleasant for me to watch.
Sure it is really sad in some parts, and it is filled with typical k-drama tropes. BUT. I am a sucker for a good cross-dressing drama. AND. It was made in 2009 so many of these tropes weren't that big of a deal at the time. Plus the Hong sisters have such a style that if these tropes didn't exist, like the asshole first lead or the impossibly perfect second lead who sabotages his own chances at getting the girl, I just feel like it wouldn't be classic Hong sisters.
Alright let's talk about my OST choice!
What Should I Do is used in drama as the song that sort of causes a lot of drama between Go Mi Nyu, Tae Kyung, and Tae Kyung's mom.
Without giving too much away, there is sort of a big tie in between all of these characters and Go Mi Nyu's deceased father and lots of miscommunication and deceit happening behind the scenes.
So the song in drama was written by Go Mi Nyu's father before Go Mi Nam and Go Mi Nyu were born, or grown, and given to Tae Kyung's mom to sing, making it on one of her many albums. Fast foward the the drama's present day, and Tae Kyung's mom wants Tae Kyung to do a cover of the song, which ugh this angers me to no end but I digress cause spoilers.
Confused yet?
This drama is so intertwined it is hard to explain.
All you need to know is that this song gets me in the feels. When Tae Kyung sings it at the end to get Go Ni Nyu's attention, I cried. His delicate yet deep voice resonates so well with the song to me, even though it was originally released on the OST as the female vocalist.
The song lyrically is just a really good testament to everyone's feelings in the drama, while it, like I mentioned before due to many different communication errors, also causes many drama points.
The chorus is incredibly simple yet so powerful:
*translation taken from notesanotes wordpress*
"what i should i do?
what should i do ?
you’re leaving
what i should i do?
what should i do ?
you are leaving me
i love you,
i love you
i cry out to you
but you can’t hear me because
i am only shouting in my heart"
especially when Tae Kyung is singing it at the end during the A.N.JELL concert.
It just gets me in the feels you guys.
We are just going to ignore all of the Shin Woo feels cause this song doesn't touch that (although it totally does cause it is exactly how he acted the whole friggin drama like wtf boo tell her how you feel)

Do you guys enjoy this OST/drama?

Thanks for being lovely friends!
Sorry my writing for these cards have been so rushed and error-filled.
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this is one of my favs. i have watched all versions of it amd rewatched this version 5 times. i love this song too. great choice @baileykayleen
love this d Dr ama
@baileykayleen I would also have a hard time picking an OST from this drama. They're all so good. This was one of the cutest drama ever.
i love this drama and all the songs on it <3 <3 <3 good job of making this card (now i must re-watch my favorite moments in the whole drama