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For @xjaymc A little short for you my dear

Yoongi licked his lips as he walked towards me and then I woke up.

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You were sitting in a lounge, nothing special about the evening. Just another end to a stressful day, to many people running around like chickens without heads at the office. When you got into the entertainment business, you never thought people could be so unorganized. There were a few idols were lingering around, most recognized you and passed off a polite hello. Others simple either didn't see you or ignored, you were fine with both. Honestly, you'd had enough of idols lately and even thought of switching careers but that one man had you wanting to stay. The same man who sat just a few seats over and you couldn't help but sneak glances at his profile. He was the man of your dreams, holding a sweet smile and had a work ethic that rivaled yours. Sneaking another glance over at the rapper, a heat found its way to your cheeks. He was looking at you, hand on his chin, as if debating something. Quickly looking away, back at the untouched drink in hand.
A few minutes passed before you decided to sneak another look. He sat there smiling at you the moment his eye caught yours. He'd been watching you, waiting for the right moment. It was then that your eyes grew wide, watching him standing and start walking in your direction. Your breath was hitched but you stood suddenly, watching as he approached. "Yoongi..." His name passed your lips in a whisper but he seemed to have heard you. Smiling devilishly, biting his lip and pointing right at you. Your nerves vibrated and a chill traveled up your spine when his tongue passed over his lips for the briefest of moments. Yoongi stepped closer, around the chairs that separated you. He was only feet away... inches away... A loud shrieking and a near heart attack had you bolting upright. Realizing that was only a dream and you were running late for a business meeting with...Yoongi. "Well shit." You huffed, running a hand over your face.
So? Did you like the little short?
No words for this story!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜„
no its okay heh @Emealia
amazing heh thanks for all the tags (so many of them)
that would make the best story on 'WATTPAD'
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