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Throughout naruto and naruto shippuden jiraiya has always been like a father figure to naruto not only that he was naruto'a teacher. In the series jiraiya was always looking at the bright side and was just as goofy as naruto.
One day whil looking for jiraiya naruto saw a father and son sharing a Popsicle and naruto not having a father watched in sadness but in suprise jiraiya showed up to where naruto was training that day and shared a Popsicle with naruto just like the father and son he saw earlier,which in my opinion made naruto and jiraiya's bond even closer!
Unfortunately jiraiya went off on a mission in the hidden rain and got in a battle (ep 130 naruto shippuden)
The battle was intense and jiraiya had to go up against 6 enemies called pain. In that intense battle jiraiya had lost an arm,had his throat crushed and had been stabbed as well as having many other wounds...
jiraiya had died in that battle which was a big toll to the leaf village...but jiraiya's death was not as sad of a death as you would have thought ,in fact his death was a honorable death and a happy one...
when Naruto heard the news about jiraiya dying naruto had lost a father and a friend...
The part that gave me the most FEELS was when naruto later on that day bought a Popsicle and sat on a bench and began to cry over jiraiya's death ...
When I saw this seen it gave me the feels badly....that was ultimately one of the saddest moment ever 😔😔😔😔
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And the people who i would like o see make one is @VinMcCarthy @Raiquan1996 @EmrysHeartnet @OGv6FATE
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Yes but naruto didn't know that😆I tried to spoil as little as I could @DamianWalker
dude I honestly think that it would be been so much better if this anime had jiraiya tell Naruto about his past and let Naruto find out that jiraiya is his godfather so he knows he had family still
@DamianWalker yeah that would have been good but a lot of animes do that so I've kinda gotten usted to it and not assume things anymore 😂
true true
lol tearing up just reading about it. that part killed me