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Well today i will talk about what influences my writing and my main story i am writing codename M. I wont reveal my story real name til it publish. My story is heavily influence by anime specifically
Both Fairy Tail and One Piece has influences this story i am writing. Which is about the creation of a guild. The story is a very in depth look at a world that explores both why it needs guilds and how such guilds function. However i also have another influence.
Mythology. I have researched actual legends,gods, artifacts, and creation myths for this story. I have also.
researched weapons and warriors throughout history to desribe them and give a true feel to this world. My last influence has been
Jim Butcher Dresden Files. His writing is my buggest inspiration to write. Thus i am influenced by a mixture of anime and manga, mixed with mythology and fantasy. This mixture led to the creation of Project M. A project i hope gets to become a manga and anime and the future
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sounds awesome dude! writing is my passion as well, and I know that a full length novel can be a daunting concept to tackle. kepp on keepin' on!