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Looking like D.O.
So on my last card about my bubble tea @SerenaMcG pointed out that I looked like D.O. in the gif I have above. And @SehunArmy gave me the idea to do this card so here we go.
so I should point out some things about me that make me like D.O. (since I am him in my Ksqaud group) 1. D.O. and I are both short (I'm. 5ft 2) 2. I like to sing 3. I'm really shy when I don't know you also in public 4. I don't like public speaking. if I don't have note cards or something to read off of I will die 5.I can get mad really fast and yes I will hit you #satansoo
so that's a little bit more about me I guess this also doubles as a kind of "get to know me" thing. so what do you think?