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I'm in the mood for something sweet so immediately I thought of sugar. Which ultimately lead to me making this overload card XD

You may commence fangirling now... ;)

So cute!! But...but he's also sexy at the same time?? My brain does not comprehend!! >.<
I'm preparing you for the worst that is coming lol. Prepare urselves :)
BAM!!! Here it is ladies. Our sugar spike!!!
I'm so emotionally confused right now... but I'm pretty sure Yoongi just wrecked my bias list...again. DANG IT!!!!
Suga Bear β™₯
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Excuse me while I'll just be in my corner screaming like a school girl.
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@CreeTheOtaku Your comment notification made me come back and I totally forgot what I was clicking on. Saw the first gif and choked on my pizza
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suga needs too stop i told himalready he'll drive everyone crazy
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