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Just copy and paste the link. Or you could go to Fan and search for the french one. ones story that will connect you to all of them is Honey Glayzed. It's a fantastic alternate universe for yaoi and action. It's also a connection to my original works. stop by and enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments.
@TiffanyPassmore ahhh I'm sorry I'm glad you figured it out! Yeah it takes some getting used to
I did it. took a bit and some patience. I think my phone may be low on data and that's why it's resisting.
I just tried to go edit it to show up in the fan fiction community but it won't. I don't know if it's me or the phone I'm on. would you clip it in there for me if you can.
I'm trying. but I'm still new to this app. as soon as I figure it out I will. thank you.
You should share some of your fic with the fanfiction community!