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1. Fall Out Boy- American Suitehearts I Just love their sound!! Their upbeat, fun, unique and easy to listen to. Since I heard this song, from then on I've been hooked
2. Black Veil Brides- In the End The thing that got me to start listening to Bvb is.... Andy Biersack 's voiceI love them because they have a different message in every song and has helped me through so much.
3. Taylor Swift- Love Story I don't usually like country music, but her voice is incredible and so sweet.
4. Colbie Caillat- Brighter than the sun Her songs are upbeat, bubbly, real and will make you feel good when your down.
5.Block B- Nillili Mambo The first time I saw them I just had to see more. They're hot, talented and entertaining(basically sums up almost every kpop band there is). They have a unique sense of style, are great singers/rappers and really attractive to the eye.
6.Big Bang- Fantastic Baby They are my very first kpop group to watch. They put so much emotion in there videos it draws you in. GD's awesome and unique sense of style and TOP's adorableness when he tries to dance(can he get any cuter?). Between 1-100 they get a 5000❀.
7.Breaking Benjamin- I Will Not Bow There songs are very relatable and feels you. They don't just touch the surface they penetrate it and keep on going deeper (unintentional innuendo, sorry).
8. Pierce the Veil- King for a Day I thought that Vic's voice would be rough, but it's I think you would call it boyish? I just like them a lot.❀ @Shannonl5
OMG Andy Biersak. I can't. This was a great card. I love the America's Suitehearts video by FOB. It's so bright and fun!
Loooove Breaking Benjamin. <3
very diverse musical selection! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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