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Okay, it's sad for me to put these two against each other, but I had to shake it up... You Marvel folks know their stats, who would win the battle.. The Spy or the Archer?
@LAVONYORK she's pretty ruthless when she has to be
I gotta say I disagree. if there was distance between them and Clint new Natasha was coming for him I think he could fire an arrow at her knowing she would dodge it and predict where she would dodge to quickly fire another to take her down. as much as I love black widow if there was range I think Clint would win. however if it came to close quarters combat of yeah black widow would kick major ass. so I think it would depend on the circumstance because one excels at range while the other at close quarters
Absolutely, I L A the 5th horseman declares Natasha aka The Black Widow... The winner. Good luck πŸ€ Clint on your next VS challenge lol
I agree that Black Widow would definitely take him down easy. No contest lol
@purplem00n23 @LAVONYORK lol I'm kind of surprised at how strong my feelings were XD
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