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Top Ten Favorite Anime Characters
I apologize for no descriptions, I had this saved and ready with full paragraphs on why I like each character but, I got a new phone and it's gone. I also want to apologize for the massive ties and characters from the same universe, please know this list was hard for me to choose.
10) Levi
8) Kid
7) Shanks
7) Byakuya
7) Aokiji
7) Sabo
6) Meruem
6) Sasori
5) Allen
4) Guts
3) Killua
3) Laxus
2) Ryu
2) Akuma
2) Dante Yes there is a anime for each of these three so, they count.
Honor mentions: Zuko, Ryuk, Shinichi, Charizard
1) Naruto Feel free to add your top ten in the comments and give me your thoughts.
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