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Its happening, its finally happening!! After nearly of decade of silence from the mother daughter duo who just can't seem to keep their mouths shut, Netflix is giving the people what we have been asking (ok begging) for.
A Gilmore Girls Movie!!!

Wait I'm sorry I said that wrong....4 Gilmore Girls movies, each spanning around 90 minutes.

Thats right, we are going to be getting 4 mini movies written by the creator Amy Sherman-Palladino herself.
Hopefully these make up for the last season she wasn't apart of. The last season when it all fell apart. The last season where we didn't get the 4 last words that Paladino had penned THIS ENTIRE TIME.
I need those 4 words.
And the best part is, rumor has it a lot of the major players will be back in action, including Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson.
Thank god, because this long awaited revival would be nothing without the original Lorelai's and Luke.
I just hope our Jess makes a come back because hims nd Rory are MEANT for each other.

Im so excited I could cry!!!

Omg, I can't wait!!! Thanks for sharing this! :D
I SAW THIS!!!! I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW TO COME OUT! I’m a huge Gilmore Girl fan :)