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One of my friends requested that I draw Kakashi, his favorite character from Naruto, so here he is! This is my first time drawing a male anime character, so I was a little afraid to draw out the whole body, but I hope you guys like what I ended up with! What should I draw next?
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in that case just have fun with what ever you do. I'm sure they will look as cool as this one 馃榿 have fun @daindee
Thank youuuu!! I will try! :D @PJRodriguez
Can you draw some characters from Slam Dunk!?!?
This is great. I've just introduced the minion to Naruto. I love Kakashi. He's so cool and chill. <3
@ButterflyBlu Hahahaha, I need to start watching Naruto now. This drawing was a request from a Naruto-obsessed friend!