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One of my friends requested that I draw Kakashi, his favorite character from Naruto, so here he is! This is my first time drawing a male anime character, so I was a little afraid to draw out the whole body, but I hope you guys like what I ended up with! What should I draw next?
@saraortiz2002 Omg, my friend Janelle told me something similar when I showed her this drawing. She was like SHUT UP, I WAS OBSESSED WITH HIM lol. And @Danse YES that would be a lot of fun! :D Thanks for the suggestion!
Yaaaaay! Kakashi Sensei! And where is his pervy book? >_< lol j/k I think you should totally draw Kyo from Fruits basket in his kitty form. <3 Or Yuki as the rat. Maybe make it a combo? :3
Yooo! its been so long since I last watch Naruto, like years, but when i first watched it, my first anime crush was kakaski. I had completely forgotten about it, you brought back so many thoughts.....
This is great. I've just introduced the minion to Naruto. I love Kakashi. He's so cool and chill. <3
Can you draw some characters from Slam Dunk!?!?
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