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It was my birthday on Saturday (23) and so as a present to myself I got a new tattoo! This is my 6th tattoo, and the first one on my leg. Can anybody guess which pokemon its is/where it comes from? XD
@sunflower18 yupyup! @maighdlins you totally should! though I get the feeling of not being sure what you want. I'd had the idea for my first one in mind for a long time before I got it
@maighdlinS thanks ^.^ @haidurr close, but no cigar! @DLowLewis not quite! It is mew, but it's the mew from the ancient mew pokemon card, and Mew wasn't created by people, though Mewtwo was.
If I rub my eyes a bunch and squint them, I feel like your tattoo looks a lot like the Ford logo.
That is amazing...I guess I'll have to think about getting tattoo of Michael Jordan or something haha. I like it a lot!
dang it! I shouldve known that ●_●
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