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I have mixed feelings to this and remember this is all rumor
@BeannachtOraibh ok but what if that meant Tennant was coming back? I might be able to cope if that was the case
man I have missed a lot of doctor who. I stopped after smith finished, and I know nothing about gallifrey sacrificing itself. how did that work? how did that even happen?
@ButterflyBlu so true!!! I won't say much more because ;) spoilers but you're right. It feels premature. Then again, it felt premature when Eccleston left too. @MichelleHolly yeah! He's an amazing actor and the way he plays the Doctor is really charismatic and kind of subtle, but I adore it. And it sounds like he's been advocating for better storytelling and representation for the female characters on the show behind the scenes, which I totally appreciate
@superwholocked thought so! @saraortiz2002 yeah I'm not ready, not with how strong this season has been T_T
@shannonl5 thats right I went back on Netflix and was looking open the episode
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