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So granted I've only seen fullmetal alchemist and haven't gotten too far into brotherhood but I noticed something. As I watched the series one character stood out and that was lust. I don't know how all of you feel but I don't think she was evil. The entire time all she wanted was to get her hands on a philosophers stone. We don't really see why until when she dies. All she wanted was the ability to die so she can be with her love once more. Unfortunately she didn't realize that until the very end. All she knew is that she wanted to be human like every other homunculus. Plus the relationship she had with gluttony kinda gave us hints that she wasn't all bad. I won't lie she is a favorite character of mine for that reason. Everyone portrays her as evil until they really see. Once she figured out there was no way shed become human she helped the elrics. That was one of my favorite parts I won't lie. Did anyone else feel this way? By the way I am running for vingle president and id love your vote.
Wow ;-; When you learn an anime character's reason for why they do things you can't help but feel bad for them. (T ^ T)
There's an FMA community you can share this with too. As for my vote haha I'm the VP for @InPlainSight so that's not happening BUT I love this character. I won't say anything about her though because spoilers
Lust was one of my favorite characters too. I thought her powers were really cool and she was animated really beautifully. her story was so tragic.
As @quietone's official campaign Princess of Doom, I wholeheartedly endorse this message!! You can learn more about the (ever-hilarious, very entertaining, and sometimes sort of violent?) race for the Vingle Presidency HERE: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1137771-Vingle-Election-Coverage-The-Race-Begins
ikr I totally agree and I feel so bad that she didn't know who she really was until the end
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