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JYP has been pumping out the singles lately and I have fallen in love with every single one of them!
Below are the three most recent debuts and comebacks that you need to hear:

Which one is your favorite?!

Twice - OOH-AHH

I heard this song yesterday (thanks to @RobertMarsh @GabbyWilliams @AnnahiZaragoza and @daznothephop) and I have had it on repeat ever since!
The chorus is seriously amazing and I can't wait to see a live stage of this!

GOT7 - If You

This is the MV that officially dragged me into the black hole that is the GOT7 fandom. The styling, the MV, the song, the everything...I am so so soooo into this comeback.

DAY6 - Congratulations

This is so different from the typical JYP style and I absolutely love it. All of these boys are so talented and this song actually made me cry the first time I heard it. This was a seriously strong debut!

Who's your favorite out of the three?!

GOT7 and DAY6
Omg GOT7 AND DAY 6 have been on my watch list. Wow both groups are bringing something completely new to the game. I'm anticipating the future of these two groups
idk the groups, but I think is Day6 -Congratulations the winner. Cause I love the graphics and changes position.
i would go with got7 since im a fan of got7 and they remind me so much of exo they are just unbelieveable amazing
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