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So my university has an anime club. It has been one of the best things I have ever joined. I'm usually an offset shy person, but I've made so many wonderful friends in our club. Are their any clubs that have helped you come out of a shell?
I know it can be tough to find a place to fit in somewhere, and find people who accept you. High school was a murder for that. I was in my marching band and ROTC group. Neither of those places did I fit in for very long. I joined the strategy club, but was soon told to not come anymore because I couldn't make meetings because, well lack of a car to drive myself at the time. But hey we all have our ups and downs in life, nothing to get upset over, at least to much. then college with the anime club I found home and lots of friends. So what clubs have helped you come out of a shell?
I have a few friends who watch but none of them are as into it as me, I'm glad I have this app lol
I have a small group of anime friends and I cherish them so much but I'm completely still in a she'll when it comes to everyone else. I love anime so much but the fact that I'm a senior afraid to admit it makes me feel bad cause it sounds like I'm ashamed of anime. I guess what I'm trying to say is I can relate to you and I hope My collage helps me open up like you got too. I'm staying optimistic tho 😁
@PJRodriguez about the "ashamed of anime" thing I went through the same thing because of bullying in high school. My school was out in TN with all the redneck wannabes. (seriously FFDP playing in your red pick up and wearing camouflage isn't redneck). You just got to say heck to them I like this that means that there has to be more than me out there. If that is what you mean by senior, if you ment as senior in the anime community then sorry, but just aging with how people sterotype don't let it make you feel ashamed. 😄
I know how both of you feel, very few friends of mine I had in high school (hardly now any of us talk because that's what happens) watched anime or was into it alot. I even had "friends" who hated on me for watching anime. Once you get into college you find alot of people that like the same interests as you, however I have noticed I'm the only one in our club that doesn't have some kind of media degree path which I found funny when I met alot of my friends....even still new members are some kind of media major, so lol.