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Okay, so I basically just started watching One Piece. I know I'm super duper late to the game on this one, and I have a shitload of catching up to do.

I'm only like 30~ episodes in ;_;

Regardless of that, I've found that I've gotten super hooked on the first OP for the anime. It's so amazingly upbeat and cheery, and it reeks of adventurous spirit! It makes me want to set out and sail for treasure!

Even the English version sounds good to me tbh. It's rare that I find OPs that can make a good transition to English, but this one keeps the whole spirit of the original.

One Piece!
@VinMcCarthy Don't worry man you aren't alone hahahah I recently started watching one piece too haha I'm like in episode 30 I think hahaha but I'm Loving the anime show! I thought I was going to hate it lol but I'm super hooked on it hahah x) and YES I love the OP song it's nice and motivational ^_^
Yes you should! Go get your Pirate hat on and get to watching! xD
Good luck, I'm so happy you started (I secretly hope it's because of me lol)
im 200 episodes in. lot of why is this episode even here. but ya its great. keep at it
@Luci546 @MoisEsGaray I'm glad we're all on basically the same page! there's just so much to catch up on >.<
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