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Arsenal managed to keep their hopes up in the UEFA Champions League as they collected their first win of the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

They were on the verge of elimination after losing the first two matches against Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb. It was surely an upset considering the fact that Munich was a favorite to win the whole thing.
But here's the thing.

Today's match was more like a match between Arsenal's Petr Cech against Munich's Manuel Neuer.

Just take a moment to appreciate the stellar performance that these two goalies put on tonight.
Here are couple of saves by Neuer.
And here are some by Cech.

It was impossible to get behind these two until this happened.

In the 77th minute of the game, just three minutes after Olivier Giroud replaced Theo Walcott, Giroud scored the first goal of the game. Neuer, who was having a perfect night, lost sight of the ball in the air and let this one get by him.

Yes, the greatest goalkeeper in the world do make mistakes.

Then this happened in the 94th minute to seal the win for Arsenal.

It seemed like Neuer saved this one, but take a closer look.

The ball had definitely passed the goal line!

A goal from Mesut Ozil to make the match 2-0 and brings home the victory at Emirates Stadium.

Cech definitely was the game changer and MVP for Arsenal, but I feel like Wenger really should be given credit for last night's win. He was well prepared and his strategy seemed to be effective against one the best teams in the world!

What do my football (soccer) fans think of Arsenal's victory?

@mchlyang amazing match. always surprising to see Bayern lose but I like having British teams in the CL so I'm happy!
@jeff4122 Yeah they need starting stepping their game up or else they'll lose a ticket to the Champions League. Although I do feel like the overall level of the league has been going down compared to the La Liga and Bundesliga.