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Take a look at the beauty of this picture, which is a dining tablescape for a wedding that features rich florals in red and a few pops of fruit mixed in with them. This is how you add beautiful texture and that unexpected punch of delight to your wedding design.
I use this photo as an example to show how you can seamlessly mix fruits and florals for a stunning effect that works. But this concept of mixing things up could be used for just about anything that you are designing. For instance, in another card, that you can see here, I talked about adding a pop of color to your wedding shoes to amp up the drama to your white wedding gown.
For your tablescape, talk to your designer about the addition of fruits and other non-florals to give visual interest and dimension to the design. This is where you take something beautiful and make it utterly remarkable. Something that is remarkable, is something that is worth talking about. Adding fruits to florals will get people talking and singing your praises at the same time!
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