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I think that will be pretty cool. I grew up watching Bruce Lee movie, even though at the time I didn't know who Bruce Lee was or that he had such an impact on the world. Only that my uncle liked watching martial art movies and my grandmother liked watching horror movies. There was a photo in which Kim Bum resembled Bruce Lee. At first look, that's who I thought it was until I read the caption. So look wise he will most definitely fit the part. His acting... my mind keeps going back to Boys Over Flowers. Even though I know he did a lot of acting jobs, that one character sticks out the most. So we shall see.
I love how much he has changed since his Boys Over Flowers days. It was scary to see him lose so much weight but his transformation as an actor has been amazing!
it will be fantastic! kim bum is awesome
@Matokokepa same! That was the first drama I ever watched so everyone in that drama is stuck in that role forever hahaha
@kpopandkimchi I had started to watch Hidden Identity but never got to finish it because of work. Now that I'm on vaca, I can catch up on it. I think no matter what I see him in, I always think of BOF, the same goes for Lee Min Ho