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Today's Badass Woman of Anime comes as a request from @MajahnNelson, who asked for a feature on one of the deadliest women in all of anime:


Revy is the main gunslinger of Lagoon company, infamous for her dual-wielded pistols. She is lethal with her guns, and is feared all throughout Roanapur.

Revy is vulgar, rude, and sadistic most of the time. She is not afraid to tell people how she really feels, and often acts violently, both physically and verbally.

She is incredibly adept with her weapons, known best for her twin Berettas and the tribal tattoo that dominates her right shoulder.

The sufferer of intense childhood traumas, Revy's past has hardened her into a criminal gun-for-hire with little to no moral compass guiding her moves. She has shown that she is more than willing to kill bystanders in open conflict.

Though initially opposed to Rock and his 'soft' ways and morality, Revy has gradually opened up to him and formed a strong bond with Rock, showing that there may be more to her than her violence and traumatic past.

thts my girl rght there for bad ass women
I love this Anime. I wish there was more seasons.
so I'm totally gonna watch this anime later!
yeah she's dope. I like General Briggs from FMA as well
Yeeeessss!! I love her and this anime SO MUCH lol definitely need more seasons of them both. Thank you @VinMcCarthy
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