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I saw this challenge earlier and thought it would be interesting to try it out. this is my first card ever so hopefully you guys like it. > You can and are encouraged use images, gifs and videos in your card! :) > You have till Sunday to do the challenge. > Make sure to have {MM} in front of your card title. > Tag me (@poojas) so I don't miss your card! :) > Tag 3 other people who you want to see do this challenge! Here goes! In case you haven't gotten this far in the anime or manga ***SPOILERS***
Portgas D. Ace was first introduced to us as Luffy's (adoptive) older brother in the Alabasta Arc. He was portrayed as a caring and supportive older brother. At that time there wasn't much we knew about him other than he was strong and he was looking for someone named Blackbeard. Despite only being in 2 or 3 short episodes, when he left he had already made a lasting impression. He was my 3rd favorite character after Zoro and Luffy and I couldn't wait to see more of him.
The next time we see Ace, he had caught up with Blackbeard and a pretty epic fight took place.
We don't find out the fight's conclusion until several arcs later as Luffy just so happens to see that Ace is scheduled to be executed.
Almost immediately Luffy set off to save him and overcame many obstacles to come face-to-face with Ace as he kneeled on the execution platform.
After practically fighting non-stop we're finally given this moment of relief. The moment when Luffy finally saves Ace and the brothers fight side-by-side against the Marines and it seems that everything will work out as they begin kicking ass. And I don't know about you guys but I literally exhaled the breath that I didn't even know I was holding. I was so happy I could've cried right then and there. But then...
All I could think was "this can't be happening." He was okay. Luffy had stopped his execution; everything was supposed to work out. Ace was gonna live and continue as one of Whitebeard's top crewmembers. There was no way he could be dying. I was absolutely devastated. I had actually considered turning it off right then and there and pretending I had never seen what I just saw. But the image of Akainu's fist piercing Ace's chest had already burned itself into my memory. I couldn't forget it. This death has impacted me more than any other death in any other movie, show, anime, or videogame. It might as well have been one of my family members that died because I was depressed for the longest time. That feeling of utter despair was overwhelming. I don't ever want to experience that feeling again. It sucked. Not to mention Whitebeard died right after which also gave me some feels even though he had only been introduced a few episodes ago (excluding his meeting with Shanks).
But despite how horribly I felt, it was nothing compared to what Luffy was going through. Witnessing Ace's death like that literally broke him. It took him a while to recover from such a devastating blow.
But he did manage to overcome what had happened and he became stronger because of it.
In the end, he decided to train for a year after Ace's death and let his crew know by ringing the bell at Marineford (Marine HQ). In that year while they were training we were treated to Luffy and Ace's memories in an arc that featured their childhood together with their third "brother" Sabo.
We're also given this scene in one of the following openings of the anime where Ace pushes Luffy in the back as if to say "keep moving forward." And it's just an absolutely beautiful moment. The song itself is beautiful as well. It got me all choked up again.
It actually wasn't until Sabo was revealed alive and working under Luffy's dad (Monkey D. Dragon) and he won Ace's Devil fruit ability that I got over Ace's death. Hell, just making this card I got choked up a few times.
But that's it. I really hope you guys enjoyed my card. I certainly enjoyed making it. Who I would like to see do an MM challenge is @VinMcCarthy @RosePark @animefreak8128
@MajahnNelson I see... -_- *pokes* Well done.
@DamianWalker Pretty sure it's episode 95 :))
what episode does ace meet luffys crew @danse
@Danse I actually kinda used yours as sort of a template lol
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