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So recently I decided to reach Boarding House 24 while I am working in the art gallery at my college. Usually I'm able to squeeze in about 3 episodes of any K-Drama. Lately I've been squeezing in more than just 3 episodes, resulting in me staying over time. Anyways, a friend of mine had came in earlier today (Oct. 20, 2015) and asked me what I was watching. I started the entire sitcom over and let her watch it while she came to visit me. I didn't realize just how much I got into certain things up until then. I did simolcast this drama because it was during my 2nd yr of college and had much more free time than I go now.
Firstly, in this sitcom, Min Do Hee is my spirit animal. Not only was she openly annoyed with everyone, but she was an eater. I did learn that I really do love food as much as I said I did. But I also learned about something that was rather taking SK (South korea) by storm; mokbang. I ended up very interest in what it was including the specifics of how it works and who does it and how it even became a thing. I think I realized during my work hours that Do Hee (of Tiny-G) was more than just talented. I decided to pause the episode and watch Tiny-G. Ultimately upsetting my friend who for once was actually into a K-Drama that I recommended to her. I went back to the drama. But it's odd how it took watching the drama more than four times to notice this.
Lee Jaehwan (Ken of VIXX ... the main reason I watched this show), had such a sad relationship with his father. And I know how it feels too. I do art and it isnt accepted by my dad nor mom. And so I felt a connection with him in this where he was at a loss of what he wanted to do. He went for internships at big companies and went through thick and thin so that he could prove himself. But in the end he chose what he loved over what was wanted for him. It is hard to do anything in life when people are always telling you otherwise. The best thing to do however to to power through it and keep doing what makes you happy. BUT he is also this jokester who just let things go wi th the flow which I do as well. I n the end, DONT give up. Anything could happen as long as you follow your dreams and heart.
I learned more about myself through the others as well but for some reason it is harder to put into words. this drama/sitcom is very interesting to watch which is why I recommend it to any and every one I meet who is ok with watching something new. the fact that I took so long to realize it, is rather upsetting. but the quotes at the end of episodes is helping me get through my senior year of undergrad. I guess what im saying is that this drama/sitcom is about going after what you want (this is what I took away from it) and not giving up when it gets hard but finding another way to do it.
I'm sure we can all relate. I'e said that before multiple times .... .... but also, can we talk about how Ken's kiss seen was just sad compared to Kong's?
Poor Jaehwanie.
@kpopandkimchi its only 12 episodes long. @cindystran its not actually a family drama. it looks that way, but it isnt. its more like they all move into a boarding house all somewhat knowing eachother from something that recently happened and they have to learn to get along. but also, one of the 6 is the guys actual child and he tricks them all into moving in so he can find out who it is. @cleoHoney thays what I did as well. since I wasnt watching anything in particular, I usually go to older ones ive watched and it just happened to be this one thus semester.
is this drama good???
i forgot about this drama. i wanted to watch this one. I'll probably watch it after my current drama i am watching or start to watch it in a bit.
I normally don't watch family drama because the story is dragged out. how's the speed for this one?
I wanted to watch this because of Jaehwan! I saw some scenes from it and it looked really good - and I love love loooooved Dohee in Reply 1994! How many episodes is it!?