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Since I havent shared my Up10tion love muffins in forever I decided to post pictures of these angels predebut which was probably my favorite♡
They were soo cute!!!! and oddly enough it was easier for me to learn there names predebut! but look at kuhn!!!! hes perfect♡♥
Look how cute our little leader was and still is!
Wooshin predebut is probably my favorite but either way hes perfect♡
Kogyeol the cutest human bean♡
Kuhn! the death of me predebut to now....I have no words because hes seriously perfect♡
They are all just cute little beans♥♡
I'm pretty sure I say this every time I see the leader but HIS LIPS!!!OMG
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@kpopandkimchi Yes!! his lips are too perfect!
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