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Another day, another day of campaigning in the in Vingle world.
ICYMI Vinglers are running to be Vingle President... and things are already getting pretty heated.

HERE is what is happening in the Vingle elections now

@InPlainSight seems to have one main focus right now: getting Vinglers on his side.
In a card posted by @TessStevens he called for the support of Steven’s father. But when the endorsement backfired... something else happened...
IPS called for the support of community moderators of K-Pop. @MattK92 and @jiggzy19, drawing upon their Aussie roots.
ALSO: A suspicious account called @TwiggyTuffsey wrote a card endorsing Team IPS. Miss Tuffsey is the beloved cat and companion of competitor @TessStevens.
It is clear that a Cat cannot make an account on Vingle, but who could’ve done it?! My bets are on the opposing team.
Buying or creating votes has not proven to be an effective campaign strategy in our history. But you have to applaud this team for creativity.

TEAM @quietone

It has been CONFIRMED that @allischaaff will be joining Doom and Gloom team. Her announcement came with enthusiasm and excited for the future.
It also appears that @quietone is reaching out in other areas to receive a following, specifically the anime community. Being a fan of both creative writing and anime, he connected with this community and stated, "By the way I am running for vingle president and id love your vote"

After the card 5 Ways to Be a Great Leader, it seems @TessSteven’s is focusing on her stance in the political sphere. Perhaps her approach is to show how she would lead?
It seems she is also convinced that the Miss Tuffsey account is an imposter. She commented on the card #willtherealmisstuffseypleasestandup

Candidates Beware! The Debate Begins Tomorrow Evening!

Come and bring your notes and ending speeches, because we are going to talk about some important stuff and it’s going to get REAL.
Follow my Vingle Election Collection to get all the coverage and juicy drama: <<HERE>>
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My policies are simple: strong leadership, big vision and the ability to run on the issues rather than bribes. I don't make false promises. I also don't use other people's family members as leverage.
@TwiggyTuffsey so you turned your back on your owner to chase balls @InPlainSight 👿 (taking notes)
@TessStevens Didn't you proclaim yourself as the Frank Underwood of this campaign #WhatWouldFrankDo
@thefeels That is correct. Balls won me over
likes @InPlainSight balls... I see, note taken.