Hi, while I have 'featured' on Vingle many times, today is the first time I have compelled to write here. Some know me as Miss Tuffsey, some know me as Twiggy. You should all know I am the chosen feline companion of your fellow Vingler @TessStevens You should all also know, as I am a cat, I do not own any of the pictures here used. They, like me are held captive by Tess. As you might imagine, being a cat can be a good life, however, as wonderful an owner as @TessStevens is, I choose not to endorse her as President of Vingle. I urge each of you vote for @Inplainsight. I am announcing myself today as Chief of Staff of the #TeamIPS campaign. @Nicolejb Sorry I couldn't hold a private press conference with you, I felt this news too important not to share myself. Vote @Inplainsight for Vingle President. Thank you for welcoming me to your team @shannonl5 @danse @butterflyblu @mattk95 @jiggzy19 I am Miss.Tuffsey, and I endorse this message. Meow.
@alywoah Thank you. I think @TessStevens might withhold my cat food for a while for this, but I had to speak out.
As much as I would, I would never abandon a person I work with no matter how hard work we go through. Good luck. @InPlainSight
@InPlainSight you are very creative.
MISS TUFFSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE GET TO FINALLY MEET YOU!
Well played, Tuffsey. Well played.
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