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Famous Sitcom Characters Turned Into People of Color
An artist by the name of Julio Salgado turned famous sitcom characters into people of color. Salgado immigrated from Mexico to the U.S. when he was a child and says he has always been a TV junkie, but has had a hard time relating to characters because they were mostly white, written by white writers.
"...The drawings that I made were very much about nostalgia and what if these shows had been different while I was growing up. It would have been so powerful." (mic)

Check out Salgado's creations!






What do you think about the drawing?

Growing up, I also wished I saw more people who looked like me on television. I am very happy there are more people of color being represented in television. And what's important is that there is a shift on how people of color are characterized on television. Most often they were merely used as props, or to give more "diversity" in scenes. However, today, people of color are now acting in more profound, complex roles.
Yay for more people of color in film and television!
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wow thank you so much @shannonl5 for sharing this with me.I love that he made a point in pointing out the importance of poc not only being cast on shows,but the WAY they are being represented.this is great. also a big complaint that I've seen a few times is that even though Friends takes place in New York,the show is not diverse at all.even the extras are mostly white.
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@ChosenKnight you totally nailed it! Representation is important but it has to be good representation. Token characters don't do enough. I have that complaint about Friends (that and there's no way they could afford apartments like that on those salaries!), and Girls as well.
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@shannonl5 exactly.representation matters. yes I've heard that complaint about Girls as well.but slot of people say that they are expecting for the main character to make the show more diverse just because she's a woman.
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I would LOVE to see a Latino Roseanne
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@ChosenKnight that's definitely a valid concern. And in some respects you're right- male-centric narratives don't feel like they're held to the same standards when it comes to diversity- sometimes. I think Joss Whedon gets a lot of well-deserved criticism in that respect but then again he's labeled himself as a feminist in the past and racial representation is absolutely a feminist issue. And because 'Girls' has been hailed as this feminist show, people are rightly pointing out that it's really only progressive for white women. I don't think that means we need to back off of Girls, if anything I think it means we need to continue holding every show to the same standards. @HeatherWright same here! I think that would be AMAZING. Roseanne was such a great character
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