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Jinnie Jin! Although he's the hyung, he is clearly just a pretty ball of precious ❤ He is definitely deserving of the title "Main Visual." However, I did not begin to like him because of his looks. Watching "Run! BTS!" I realized how precious he is to BTS and the amount of happiness one little action from him brings to the other members. He is a silly hyung and lacks proper skills in anything that requires him to do physical activities but his silliness and fails are the things that bring laughter to the group. I just had to add the last pictures of Jin eating, since he loves eating so much! The first time I watched a video of Jin eating, I thought "Huh, the video is 9 minutes long. He'll probably do more than just eat, right?" I was wrong. JIN REALLY JUST ATE FOR 9 MINUTES STRAIGHT!! But he's still precious and Bangtan would not be Bangtan without him. Thanks for being the way you are, Jin! ❤ 사랑해요! ❤❤❤
To be honest Jin was the last person I really fell in love with in BTS but now he's one of my favs! Such a sweetheart!
He's so precious and he's such a sweetheart!!! <3