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As someone who constantly freaks out over possibilities that might never actually happen to me, I relate to this webcomic a little too hard.
What helps you guys when you're feeling anxious?
Hahahahaha. This is TOO. REAL. @danidee When I'm feeling anxious, I like to try stepping outside my feelings and my crazy tangled brain, and think objectively. I question where the feelings are coming from, and whether they're actually as scary as I'm giving them credit for.
@Danse I try to be laidback. i hear 'laidback' used a lot to describe me, but currently I'm trying to find a balance between not caring and giving a shit lol. IT'S AN ART.
@Luci546 LOL Totally. Even if a lot of the things they have to be worried about don't actually exist in the real world. STILL RELEVANT. @ButterflyBlu I'm the same way. If it's something I continue feeling anxious about, I feel the need to talk it out with a friend. But I'm just generally a talker, so... >.>
Oh, yeah. I have this problem, too. When it's really getting me, I call on my trusted friends and talk it out with them. They know that this is me, just part of who I am. It's important to me to know who my trusted listeners are. ^.^ Like my @Danse. <3 Sometimes , they just tell me what I already know, but it helps to disarm that bomb that is ticking away inside of me.
it's weird but I talk to myself out loud. especially if I'm alone. Just hearing a voice even if it's mine helps
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