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Airs on 6nd, 10pm! So Ra, OS's ex-girlfriend, comes to know what OS is doing. All his lying to OY and the fact he loves her. SR gets jealous of it, cuz she still loves OS. So she goes to PL company to check if it's true or not. In the meanwhile, OY went to 911 in emergency situation. MH asks with whom SR was in relationship. She says she was OS's girlfriend. At that moment, JS calls her, "OS asks u to lie to MH, then he will call you." After hanging off with him, SR says "Yes, I was in relationship with OS, son of PL company president." In hospital, doctor says to OS, "If she had braintumor, she should get investigation to find out what's the problem. But she rejected.." OS says to OY, "Doctor said there are possibility of recurrence of braintumor." But OY says, "I don't wanna be in hospital again, getting all investigations..That's is so painful and boring. Please wait. If I'm sick again, I will follow your saying." Coming back car, OY says "Let's go to party for celebrating birth of company. I wanna show ppl that I'm staying with my brother." At that night, OY says to SW "Tmr, I will go to the party with my brother." In the meanwhile, JS took pic and video of MH and his girlfriend. OS says "Watch them continually." Next day, OS and OY arrived to attend party. OY makes bread for OY. OS helps her together. "For what you went to department store?" OY says,"I went to purchase lawyer Jang's present. I love and trust him." After finishing cooking, they go for taking lift and hiking. On the top, OS hugs her, "This sounds come from trees which are frozen. Though you lost windbell after I left, you can hear the same sound here. But the thing I wanna show you here, is you. Cuz you're really beautiful and cool.." At that moment, OY kisses his cheecks. "Is it right to kiss like this to brother?" OS answers, "Yes". Then he hugs her. At that night, OY sleeps in OS's room. OY sleeps while OS reads book for her. OS sees her sleeping. Seeing it, he wanna kiss her but he holds himself. Next morning, OS wakes up listening to OY's happy birthday song singing. OY says "Look at the livingroom. U know I bought it by myself? Happy brithday, and I bought it so u can think of me when you left." Looking the cake, coffee and her present, OS thinks 'At that time, I should have stopped my heart towards OY. I've thought I can play with everyone's heart. But this time I think I would get hurt from her..' In the meanwhile, MC comes to know he has disease and can live only for 3 months. And lawyer Jang comes to know that OS was not chef but famous gambler. OY goes to announce with OS. She introduces him as brother. OS says "I won't say longer. Plz help her." OY says "I prepared some PPTs to show you development of our company." SR takes OS to a room. OS takes her phone and calls to a Kim. "Hey, u should watch your girlfriend. She makes me annoyed." Lawyer Jang calls to a ditective and asks to find a gambler called OS. And OY goes to home immediately after finishing her speech. OY calls OS, "I'm ok. I will take medicine in home." At that moment, OS feels so afraid that OY would take the medicine which he gave her. OS runs to stop her. But when he arrived, OY already took the medicine.
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