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ITS TIME FOR V!!!!!! V is my spirit animal orrrr he must've been my best friend in a past life. I wish I could have a full conversation with him and not just a hi-touch even though I've never been to one :3. From videos not meaning a bangtan bomb but V is soooooo freaking sweet and adorable. The video I'm talking about is called V laughed at me but she describes it and its wayyyy to cute. I love V cause he may be 20 ,but he acts like he's 5 and looks like he's 17. HIS VOICE DOESN'T FIT HIS FACE DJDJJSKSKSKSKS. EXAMPLE A JUST ONE DAY WHERE ITS SLIGHTLY MIXED WITH NAMJOON'S BUT ITS STILL REALLY DEEP. EXAMPLE B AMERICAN HUSTLE LIFE WHEN HE SANG FOR IRIS :3. I know he doesn't like being called this but how can you not love this adorable alien. Btw if you don't know what I'm talking about in just one day just scroll to 1:35