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Airs on, 7nd, 10pm! :D And OY goes to home immediately after finishing her speech. OY calls OS, "I'm ok. I will take medicine in home." At that moment, OS feels so afraid that OY would take the medicine which he gave her. OS runs to stop her. But when he arrived, OY already took the medicine. OS asks "Did you take the medicine?" OY says, "I'm sorry for not keeping promise with you..but I gotta take this medicine. I feel so much pain. I can't take this no more." While OS pours water for her, he drops out contents in the pill. At the moment, SR visit OS. OS says "Take the medicine." OY take it, knowing that he dropped out the contents. While OS goes to her room to warm it, she takes some of the contents in her pocket. In her room, OY asks,"Btw, if I take the medicine, do I really become comfortable so I can't feel any pain?" OS says,"There's no medicine like that. I just lied you to make you comfortable." Mi Ra says,"I wanted to come here to say sorry to you." OY says,"You feel sorry? Then when I went to hospital and when the doctor said about my eyes, you said you've never heard about his saying in front of lawyer Jang." MR says,"I'm sorry..I did it not for money. I thought if I tell about you to WS, she would treat u better.." In the meanwhile, SR threatens OS. "I will give u three days. Unless u comeback to me, I will tell all the truth to SW." SW and MH asks about OY, and MR lies that she is ok. But SW sees OY ate nth and calls to doctor to check her health. He says "OY had no problem in last investigation. If she's sick again, I will visit." Next morning, OS and MC meets. And OY meets friends to know about the medicine. OS asks MC, "I wanna show OY to you sister. She is best doctor in brain." MC says,"U kidding me? U really felt in love?" OS says,"I will repay all the money, but plz let OY get investigation from your sister." But MC doesn't accept it. JS and HS continually tries to know about MH's girlfriend and SW's personal information. SW's younger sister called her. "I think someone is looking behind us. What's happening?" SW says,"Don't care. Let's talk later." At that night, SW asks OY to take blood investigation to check if OY and OS are really brother and sister. "Last time, OS was in ur room secretly. I still doubt him. I think we gotta know if he is your real brother." And OY gets call from her friend who she asked for investigating the medicine. She says,"Who gave u the medicine? It's used for killing animal..! Who gave it to u?" At the moment, OS knocks the door so OY hangs off. Next morning, SW says "Let's check if you and OS are really brother and sister." But OY says, "I think it's better to find another OS. Then we can know who is my real brother. " In the meanwhile, OY has MC's namecard. She contacts him and goes to meet him. While OS watching MH's pic which JS took, he gets call from SR. She says,"A friend of OY called me, and she said OY has medicine to kill animal..! I'm so worried of her..!" OS gets puzzled, listening to it. Then he gets msg from MC. He says he gonna meet OY. OS runs to find where is OY. OY is in danger and OS saves her. But she still gets angry of her. "It must be easy for you to kill me. U wanted to kill me with medicine? It's so easy to do it for me..Why you didn't do it..!", she cries.
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