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If you and your friend were any two drama characters...who would you guys be!?

If my best friend and I were in a drama, we'd be Jongsuk and Woo Bin's characters in School 2013!

We argue, people think we're the same person, and we're both really cute! (She told me to but the last part in there...)
Random dance parties are a weekly occurrence and killing a bug in the apartment becomes an epic battle of bravery.

And yeah, we're cute.

Basically we're as awesome as Jongsuk and Woo Bin and deserve our own TV show :D

What drama characters would you and your BFF be!?

Bonus points if you make a card about it!

Me and my friends are too crazy to be in a drama lol we'd be banned for not being appropriate for broadcast lol
@Baekyeol27 @Myaisnotsexy Haha you guys are cute!! I was about to say the same thing that you can be my friend lol 잘자 !! ♡
@Baekyeol27 I will be your friend. And we would be in Boys Over Flowers. Maybe we could be JanDi and GaEul? I don't know. I don't know you at all and I'm half asleep, but I think we'd be great friends. And I've also only seen 2 KDramas, BUT IVE STARTED ANOTHER ONE SO ITS OKAY. Goodnight new friend. I hope you sleep well.
we would probably be Woo bin and his friends in twenty lol
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